Contemplation of existence graphic

Contemplation of existence

In light of 2 high-profile celebrity deaths this past week, my mind has been a non-stop flow of jumbled thoughts and emotions. Not that these celebrities specifically affected me deeply, but just the emotions that have been stirred up by suicide, and the uproar of the general public. So many people “talking” about how they […]

Dad… graphic


My Dad was intelligent, smart, loving, stubborn, and a pain in the ass. And he was my hero. I just didn’t realize he was my hero until it was too late. And five years ago today, I lost him. He loved The Beach Boys, WWII movies, Star Trek, classic cars, James Bond, Nascar and fishing, […]

The Break-up graphic

The Break-up

Oh where to begin… So, up until a couple weeks ago I was seeing someone I honestly thought I would marry. Imagines I’d spend my life with. I thought I’d finally found my true soul mate. We loved everything in common, but had enough differences to keep things interesting. It didn’t take me to long […]

Starting over… graphic

Starting over…

So… I was gone for a while. I didn’t feel much up to blogging. Or much up to anything on and off. I guess that’s the beauty of work, depression, medical leave, and so many other things that seem to urge me to keep my mouth shut. I purged some posts. Actually, I purged a […]

2017 graphic


Yes, I DID post in 2017. No, they will not be seen here. Because the content was just… NOT. Let me sum it up by saying: Work was hell. Women are two-faced bitches. Heart problems. Nervous Breakdown. New man. Job loss.