Dad… graphic


My Dad was intelligent, smart, loving, stubborn, and a pain in the ass. And he was my hero. I just didn’t realize he was my hero until it was too late. And five years ago today, I lost him. He loved The Beach Boys, WWII movies, Star Trek, classic cars, James Bond, Nascar and fishing, […]

The Break-up graphic

The Break-up

Oh where to begin… So, up until a couple weeks ago I was seeing someone I honestly thought I would marry. Imagines I’d spend my life with. I thought I’d finally found my true soul mate. We loved everything in common, but had enough differences to keep things interesting. It didn’t take me to long […]

Starting over… graphic

Starting over…

So… I was gone for a while. I didn’t feel much up to blogging. Or much up to anything on and off. I guess that’s the beauty of work, depression, medical leave, and so many other things that seem to urge me to keep my mouth shut. I purged some posts. Actually, I purged a […]

2017 graphic


Yes, I DID post in 2017. No, they will not be seen here. Because the content was just… NOT. Let me sum it up by saying: Work was hell. Women are two-faced bitches. Heart problems. Nervous Breakdown. New man. Job loss.

2016 – A year in review and tears graphic

2016 – A year in review and tears

Good grief, what a year. Can we have a do-over? No seriously, we need a do-over, not just forget about it and move on. But I guess a do-over won’t help anyone unless we keep the knowledge we gained from the entirety of this awful time period. Then again, knowledge isn’t always power. It can’t […]