How many forms of social media are there?

and so many more…

So, what I’m getting at is –  What defines your life? How many likes you get? How many likes you give? Are you consumed with celebrity statuses and feel an insatiable need to like and/or comment on every post and picture? What drives that need? Social media has turned people into zombie sheep, consumed with celebrities. Yeah, I follow celeb FB, Twitter and Insta, but rarely do I comment or like a post, mostly when it’s about a cause or new project, or something other than a vanity shot. I’ve never understood the need… does it come from a place of loneliness, low self-esteem, no confidence? If not, then where, why? If I spent as much time liking celebrities posts, I’d never put my phone down, never get anything done, never have enough time to enjoy things that aren’t digitally related. As it is, I have to force myself off my phone from reading my kindle app or looking up articles and such. I know it’s easy to get caught up in FB trying to catch up on friends/family stuff. Phones need to get put down way more often. Go organize your closet (that’s what I’ve been doing), take a yoga class (I’m planning on that after I start my new job), get out and enjoy nature! Enjoy life because you only get a certain amount of time and there is no hack to get extra lives…

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