God help me (God?) Well, you know what I mean.

On a whim, I signed back into Instagram a few weeks ago. I first had it only because of a class I took in college (Round 2). I deleted all the old crap and used it for my FITTEAM stuff. Yep, deleted most of that, too. Now I just use it for random pics and following things I like. A lot of art and graphic design stuff, General Hospital stuff, few fave celebs, etc…

I don’t post a lot, I don’t “heart” things a lot. I may save some memes to my “collection” a lot, though.

Guess what Instagram and my sister led to… Bitmoji.

*bangs head on desk.

It’s a conspiracy, ya know. Log in with Facebook! Auto-post to all your social media in one click! *SMH*

Ok, so my sister, my mom and I spent a lot of time getting my bitmoji to somewhat accurately represent me. Entirely too much time. But I’m kinda cute.

When you don’t want to post an actual pic of yourself or can’t depending on what you want to represent, Bitmoji comes in handy. AND… It makes me laugh.

(Me most mornings)

See what I mean?

I sent this one to the ex I am still friends with.

I can’t repeat what he said here. *blushes

I don’t have a lot of positivity for much social media anymore, but I do try to get some enjoyment out of the inevitable “necessary” evil in today’s society.

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