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I have no idea why I came up with this category.  Maybe I was trying to be an over-achiever…  I don’t know. Do I have any obsessions? Are they really considered obsessions? I’m not a “superfan” of anything I would say. I don’t cry over celebrities or constantly talk about or post about them on […]

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God help me (God?) Well, you know what I mean. On a whim, I signed back into Instagram a few weeks ago. I first had it only because of a class I took in college (Round 2). I deleted all the old crap and used it for my FITTEAM stuff. Yep, deleted most of that, […]

Dad… graphic


My Dad was intelligent, smart, loving, stubborn, and a pain in the ass. And he was my hero. I just didn’t realize he was my hero until it was too late. And five years ago today, I lost him. He loved The Beach Boys, WWII movies, Star Trek, classic cars, James Bond, Nascar and fishing, […]