So… I was gone for a while. I didn’t feel much up to blogging. Or much up to anything on and off. I guess that’s the beauty of work, depression, medical leave, and so many other things that seem to urge me to keep my mouth shut.

I purged some posts. Actually, I purged a lot of posts. I kept just a few, I don’t know why. I just felt like it. It seems like deleting 2016 – A year in review and tears was somehow disrespectful. It was also my very first post. This blog was supposed to be part of my New Year’s Resolution. Well, like my diet, it went out the window pretty quickly.

So as I write this, it is 12:34.

AND… It’s April 26. Just 4 days til my birthday. No way I’m telling how old I’ll be. My blog title gives away enough to let everyone know I’m no spring chicken, but I can say I’m not ready for AARP, despite what my ex said. All because he is 2 years younger than me.

My 2017 wasn’t really any better than 2016. I keep playing those same damn tunes over and over. But again, anyone with experience with depression and anxiety know how that works. Oh, did I not mention I have depression and social anxiety disorder? How rude of me. I think I also forgot to mention that I have OFF THE F’ING CHARTS A.D.D. No H. Though might life might be a little better if I had the H to be honest. But those details and foibles are for different parts of this experiment I call a blog.

Anyway, I had a nice cold glass of chocolate red wine this evening after a good bout of crying over another ex, a more recent one. Like… broke up 2 weeks ago last night recent, but that’s a story for another post, too. So, back to the chocolate wine. Yes, it was REAL wine, not that creamy stuff that comes off like chocolate milk. Real red wine infused with chocolate. Because it doesn’t get any better for a girl like me than combining 2 of my favorite things in one. I got it from Aldi, however, it seems it’s only released around Valentine’s Day, so I hoard it. It’s second only to ChocolatRouge Sweet Red.


ChocolatRouge Sweet Red – my favorite was discontinued. Damn you Gallo! And if you can find it anywhere, they’ve jacked up the price like it’s a precious diamond. And let me tell you, nibbling at least 70% chocolate with a glass of either one is heaven on your tastebuds.


Moving on… I’m not going to try to rehash the last year in one post. Though I am sure I will reference many things that transpired. For instance, THE BREAK-UP. That needs a post all to itself. And I’ll try not to cry and short out my keyboard as I painfully rehash everything for a bunch of strangers. *insert dripping sarcasm


bonne nuit mes amis, jusqu’à la prochaine fois
(I’ve decided to try to re-learn French. Cuz, yeah, I got time for that…not)

Good night my friends, until next time…

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